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Exciting collaboration – Global Community-Centred Health and Care Planning for Children & Families

Exciting collaboration within the Global Village Network.     IMG_4754         After connecting at the World Health Innovation Summit in Cumbria in March 2016 and setting up Global Village Mental Health, Deirdre and I are continuing to innovate ways we can support health and wellbeing in all corners of the globe.

With that in mind and inspired by Deirdre’s wealth of experience in working to increase the capacity of midwives to impact family and infant health, and my project My Way Code’s simple, accessible person-centre approach to self management and supporting good mental health, we have combined this into a new model that can be used in many settings around the world.

© Soni Cox, Deirdre Munro 2016
© Soni Cox, Deirdre Munro 2016
  • Person-centred, self-assessment of children and families with healthcare professional including ongoing peer support for identified needs and goals.
  • Peer support circles supervised by same HCP’s in the community setting.
  • HCP supervised by health care system, peers and or colleagues.
  • Governed and safeguarded by the Country specific National or Regional Health System.

The model helps people see where they sit in the above structure and who they already have to support them and where to access and go to in their community for more. Linked to Peer Support Circles (with guidelines, resources from us and support and Peer Supervision with the Health Care Professional).

MWC Map with symbols
© Soni Cox, Deirdre Munro 2016

With the family using shapes or coins, buttons, stones …. to symbolise each person involved in their lives placed in each of the circles including; supporters, extended family, HCP’s, peer support groups, community leaders etc…Once the Health Care Professional has helped the family members with their self-assessments each individual will choose goals and small steps they can make towards reaching further up a scale of 0-10.Numbers (1)

This simple idea and structure means that other models and goals can be easily communicated and measured.

Dahlgren and Whitehead Wider Health Determinants 1991
Dahlgren and Whitehead Wider Health Determinants 1991


SDGs – UN Sustainable Development Goals
SDG – Good Health and Wellbeing

This is a brief summary of the model with more assessment tools and support resources for the process of working with the family members and setting up and running Peer Support Circles.

Deirdre and I would welcome any interest in more information and feedback.

Authors: Soni Cox @MWCSoni & Deirdre Munro @DeirdreMunro

© Soni Cox, Deirdre Munro 2016

Mental Health Awareness Week – Relationships


This week 16th to 22nd May 2016 is Mental Health Awareness Week. This year the Mental Health Foundation is focusing on Relationships.


IMG_4531Relationships are extremely important to our mental health. I think we can all remember a time even in childhood where even though we often had support around us, the worry of falling out with a friend became overwhelming and upsetting.

From our earliest days we learn how our expression of emotions and our behaviours encourages or deters attachment with our care giver. These non-verbal cues mean we can quickly learn who we need to be in order to be accepted by others and how to maintain a relationship in order to get our basic needs met.

IMG_4532Fast forward into adulthood and if we’ve been accepted, welcomed and nurtured in our family and friendships we can bring more of the same into our lives. Being able to discern what a ‘good’ relationship should feel like gives us instinctive boundaries to move away from those who don’t make us feel safe and trusting.

We do not all get the opportunity to be accepted into unconditional love so our search continues. Sometimes we look for what feels IMG_4536opposite to our experience but often we can end up in a similar dynamic because despite it not being ideal at least we can know how to be and feel comfortable. Sadly this can feel that what’s consistent in our relationships is what’s lacking in us which can further affect our own self worth and mental health.

IMG_4531Looking at our relationships can help us move forward; how do our friends respond to us? what kind of friend are we? do we give what we’d like to receive from others? who makes us feel more positive when we’ve been in their company? who makes us laugh? who can we cry with?

Building a circle of support from those already in our lives and seeing how being with them can help us see just what our special qualities are. Equally distancing ourselves from those who don’t appreciate or respect us can leave room for more positive experiences.

Active listening, beIMG_4534ing present, being listened to and making time for our relationships can help bring us and those we care about increased wellbeing, more self esteem and sense of belonging.

Who can you arrange to see this week? Who might need a bit more time with you? Who would be the best company for you just now? How could you celebrate your friendships?

We’d love to hear your positive stories about finding wellbeing through improving relationships – if you’d like to share your blog here or on our social media pages please get in touch.

Soni Cox, 2016.

Together We Inspire – Global Village

The title of this post is a tribute to where Global Village Mental Health began; at the World Health Innovation Summit in Carlisle in March 2016 as #TogetherWeInspire is the WHIS very apt twitter tagline.
Deirdre Munro, Founder of the Global Village Network beginning with Global Village Midwives in 2014 is part of the WHIS team and presented the amazing collaborations that its had across the world to the summit. Encouraging us part way through to share ‘OxyHugs’ she ensured all present truly ‘met’ each other in that community. With an audience of patients, health professionals, peer support workers, activists, community leaders, artists, parents, carers ….. the inclusive list goes on…. we heard and felt all the positivity and kindness shared in the Global Village movement.

Before she ended she called us to action – “you can do this, just do it, you can set up a community for your area of health and a global village, just go do it!”

So I did.

And by the end of that day we had a twitter page, facebook page, website domain and email, logos, header image and launched at the next day of the summit (to encouragement and applause)!

Since then Global Village Ability @GlobalVillageAbility  and the Global Village of Health Translation @GlobalVillageHT have also joined the Global Village Network.

IMG_4247We also have the amazing honour Mental Health Activist, Josh Quigley, the Tartan Explorer join us as our Patron. He also attended the summit and inspired many with his personal story of recovery after an attempted suicide and bid to cycle and complete challenges around the world raising awareness as he goes. Find out more here:


Picture: Deirdre Munro and Josh Quigley.

Soni Cox 17/04/16