cropped-IMG_4756.jpgGlobal Village Mental Health is part of the Global Village Network founded by Deirdre Munro who began with Global Village Midwives.

Our purpose? To promote research, positivity, evidence, kindness, support and collaboration in mental health.

At the recent World Bank and WHO #mentalhealthnow event DG Margaret Chan announced that #worldhealthday2017 would focus on depression and suicide. Mental Health is a global issue with depression alone affected 350 million people across the world. We all have a part to play.¬†Throughout the world we have innovative and community approaches to supporting good mental health and a lot to learn from each other’s experiences.

Join our Global Village and let’s share the best ways we can support ourselves and those around us.

This page is to share guest blogs from the community. If you would like to submit a blog please contact me by email: soni@globalvillagementalhealth.org or via our social media pages:  Facebook and Twitter